Camp Erin 2020

Weekend bereavement camp for youth

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What is Suncoast Kids Place?

Suncoast Kids Place provides support for children, teens and their families following the death of a significant person through peer support groups and education. Our goal is to offer support in a safe place where children, teens and families can share their experience as they move through their grief process.




Why is grief support for children so important?

Most children will have experienced the death of a significant person by the end of high school, some much sooner. The Center recognizes that children's grief is unique, and that ignored grief can cause difficulties later in life: physically, emotionally and behaviorally. Unresolved grief in children and teens can lead to depression, violence, truancy, eating disorders, alcoholism, drug abuse, anxiety and suicide.

Research shows that the death of a parent may be THE most traumatic single event to affect the well-being and health of a developing child and adult. Depression, schizophrenia, drug problems and alcohol use may be linked to childhood bereavement. Often it takes years for these behaviors to surface. Suncoast Kid's Place helps provide support so that families may continue their lives with hope, confidence and strength.”


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