Thank you for your interest in volunteering with youth at G4S Youth Services.

Steadfast Ministries coordinates all volunteer services for G4S. All residential commitment facilities have mandated training and background screening that is required –PRIOR- to admission into any facility. These requirements are mandated either by G4S Youth Services or the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice. Requirements must be fully satisfied to be permitted an opportunity to volunteer.  Steadfast Ministries is here to assist you with this process.

  • Select “Faith Training” 
  • Click on the area: “To Get Your Tracking Number Click Here”
    (This will direct you to a short contact survey so we can mail your fingerprint card to you along with the other required paperwork and provide you with your tracking number)
  • Please complete the Volunteer Inquiry Form
  • You will receive your tracking number via email with in 48 hours
  • When you receive the packet in the mail and your tracking number, you can continue your training by logging on again to and return to the training area.
  • You will see a training video, please start your training
  • Once you have completed the entire training session, please note:           
    “Click here to complete the TRAINING EVALUATION FORM”                  
    (This is mandatory to receive credit for the training process)
  • The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice has made an additional mandatory requirement for all staff and volunteers:

Once you have completed the training sessions, please go to the JFJ home   page and click on “PREA” This the Prison Rape Elimination Act and the acknowledgement form at the end of that session must be copied, signed and included in your background/training packet.

Once all documents in your Background Screening Packet, your volunteer testing, PREA and your fingerprint card are completed, please mail or email the entire packet to: 

Steadfast Ministries

P.O. Box 340424

Tampa, Florida 33694

Inquires call: Steadfast Ministries at: 813-514-9390

If you are interested in mentoring, please go to  to access the short video training.

Click Below To Begin: