Our Core Programs


 We offer a variety of programs that are offered at commitment facilities to incarcerated youth. Local community church volunteers who partner with Steadfast are then trained, background screened and facilitate all outreach programs under the supervision and structure of Steadfast Ministries.  Some of the programming opportunities that we provide in the commitment facilities are:

  • Weekly Bible Studies
  • Grief Groups
  • Pancake Breakfast
  • Church Service
  • Special event or motivational speakers
  • Recreational events  (basketball, crafts, gardening etc.)
  • Life Skills (cooking, computer classes etc.)
  • Holiday/Christmas Events



Steadfast Mentoring

The Steadfast Mentoring Program provides caring, committed mentors to youth during and after incarceration. 

Mentors are given specialized training, support and supervision throughout their mentoring experience.

Most youth never get a visit or mail throughout their time of incarceration.  Mentors make a tremendous difference in the life of the children we serve.  With recidivism at 58%  within the first 3 months of a youth’s release, it critical to have dedicated mentors to be a friend and support especially once they return home.

To learn more about mentoring opportunities visit us at: www.steadfastmentoring.org